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About Us

aboutThe Willow Tree House Is an independent family owned Preschool and Childcare Center.With a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We offer small center attention with big center benefits.

As a parent I know that you want what is best for your children……so do we. At The Willow Tree House we are committed to providing a caring environment where children enjoy learning which strengthens the desire to learn giving them a strong platform for future success.

We will prepare your child for school and a lifetime of learning at The Willow Tree House. This is only one aspect of our approach toward lifetime learning that we truly believe sets us apart from other childcare options.



Outside Play

Outdoors is where children want to be. Outdoors children have
unique opportunities to play cooperatively, build sharing skills, take turns, communicate ideas and develop friendships.Growth and development of the body and brain are inseparable.

Early childhood is a time like no other. It is a time for exploring, creating and discovering. It is also a time to absorb the information around them, importantly it is a time for learning how to learn.

From the earliest moments of their young lives, children continuously construct meaning from the world around them. Their bodies are growing exponentially. The taste, touch, smell, hear and see everything they contact. The take in large amounts of information and develop structures for understanding.As they grow and develop they begin to use language and thought for tools to further their understanding.

The primary goal of the Willow Tree House is to plan an environment the provides clear guidance to support strong confidant growth in our children socially, emotionally and in their use of language to grow into the amazing people we know they are.

About Us

The Willow Tree House Is an independently owned and operated child daycare and Preschool. We are not a chain or corporately operated center. Click here to Read more

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